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Outback Astronomy Milky Way Hangout

Milky Way Hangout

The band of the Milky Way is a lost view for many people across the world due to light pollution, haze, vegetation and built-up environments.

In this sky show you can learn about the Milky Way Galaxy and gain perspective about your place within it. This sky show proceeds in clear, dark conditions. It is a great way to become acquainted with the most beautiful, sparkling canvas above you, our night sky.

Allow your eyes to soak up the view. Thousands of stars, swaddled in the hazy band above, will shine brightly for you. As your sky guide dissects the galaxy, allow yourself to be transported away, as if on a virtual galactic cruise. The visibility of the galaxy is magnificent as stars can be seen dripping down to our horizon. All commentary in real time (not recorded).

Expect your senses to shift into hyperdrive as you become deeply immersed in space.

Outback Astronomy Hangout with the Stars®

Hang out with the Stars®

Have you ever wondered if there is life elsewhere amongst the stars of the cosmos? Tonight, take time to ponder the possibilities from the comfort of your reclined camping lounge.

The sky and its treasures are explained by your knowledgeable sky guide, using simple language, demystifying the complexities of space. See the sky above with new insight as famous celestial objects like star clusters and nebulae are revealed. Your celestial feast includes views of the biggest and brightest stars seen from planet Earth. Well-known constellations will be highlighted. All commentary in real time (not recorded).

The night sky is beautiful and the view is spectacular from our dark sky location.

During warmer months in the southern hemisphere sky we view galaxies with our naked eyes, binoculars and telescopes.

Gain knowledge that enhances your understanding of astronomy and the universe.

Outback Astronomy The Sky Tonight

The Sky Tonight

What you see in the sky tonight will be the focus of your learning experience.

We will target the Solar System objects and the brightest stars in our sky as seen from planet Earth. We will explain cycles to help you prepare for gazing any time you prefer. All commentary in real time (not recorded).

The Moon is likely to be accessible and we will focus our telescopes on its rugged features and share information about the latest missions. Moon phases will be explained in a way you will find easy to remember.

The panoramic view from our sky dome will help you to understand the sky view as seen by ancient gazers. Gather up tips and tricks to take away and share with your friends and family at home or on your next camping adventure.