Sky Show Food & Beverages

We stock a variety of premium red and white wines, house red and white wines, beers and ciders, soft drinks, fortified wines from The Barossa Valley and other beverages. These can be ordered when you arrive.

Some sky shows have food and beverage inclusions, indicated by the word “PLUS” in the title when you book your sky show.


The food in sky show PLUS are cheeses, crackers, fresh and dried fruits (seasonal eg strawberries, grapes, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes) and nuts, chocolate. Sometimes Turkish bread/hommus.
It can be described as oversized dessert though light eaters will find it meal size.
One glass of wine, beer or soft drink is included.

PLUS Food Plate


However, you may want to snack on something else during your sky show.

Instead of the PLUS option, you can book a “Standard” sky show and order some of the food platter range below. 

You can add them to your shopping cart from this page, or during the checkout process.

It is always best to book your sky show food in advance to ensure we have the freshest ingredients, and ample supplies.

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Asteroid Scatter Platter
share plate for 2 persons - sweet and savoury blend of snacks in bite size portions - just like a swarm of asteroids (order drinks separately)
Fresh Bread Dukkah-Oil-Balsamic
dip into our Egyptian dukkah blend, olive oil/balsamic mix.
Cheese Board
blue, goat's, brie, cheddar on a board with crackers for two to share … a bit of heaven while gazing up (order drinks separately)  
Image of food platter cheese and wine
cheese, crackers and wine for one (savory)
Image of food platter
chocolates, dried fruit and wine for one (sweet)
Large platter of food
share a plate on the sky dome, up to 6 persons … cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, other delicious produce with a bottle of boutique wine (warm weather specialty)