Outback Astronomy Broken Hill

About Us

Our version of stargazing began when we decided to build an astronomy-themed tourism business to help our community of Broken Hill grow (we are Travis and Linda).

We invented an outdoors stargazing experience that would meet our own very demanding expectations.

It grew from our backyard stargazing days. Looking up at the outback night sky, we’d laze in our hammocks in the evenings and sip on a port from The Barossa. Our binoculars would chase down satellites. We’d focus on Saturn in the telescope and be amazed by its stunning beauty every time we saw it.

Next, we wanted to upgrade our telescope. The investment was hefty. It made us think about a tourism experience. At the same time, Broken Hill’s world-class lead, silver and zinc mineral deposits were depleting after 130 years of underground mining.

Shipping Container Early Days
Front of Space Base

Outback Astronomy Broken Hill was born.

At first we popped up out of a shipping container at the Broken Hill racecourse.

Two years later we invested in a property.

It is far enough from the edge of Broken Hill town to have a pitch black sky on a moon-free night.

Our venue is located at 18817 Barrier Highway, just 10km from the post office in Argent Street. In fact it is no more than a 15 minute drive from most accommodation venues in Broken Hill.

Over the years we’ve refined our stargazing experience. These days you will see our entire property is fenced, providing a secure and safe place to be gazing outdoors, all night, without any concerns.

We constructed a carefully-designed stargazing area – our sky dome – a vast open space with customised lighting and no obstacles on the horizon. Electricity cables are underground for safety in the darkness.

We built a commercial kitchen next to our sky dome. The convenience of food and beverage service under the stars is appreciated by our guests.

Day time events including solar gazing can be arranged. Please enquire. Minimum numbers may be required.

Sky Dome Lighting
Outback Astronomy
Glamping tent

We installed one glamping tent to offer overnight accommodation to passionate stargazers. We can loan you a telescope to use during the night. If there are additional stargazers in your group, note that they can pitch their tent on the grass near our swimming pool. Summer gazing is super cool for gazers now that it comes with a portable air conditioner. Please note that only persons who are known to the glampers may camp at the site. Camping fees will be charged.

Our venue is dedicated to stargazing and relaxation in the outback.