Outback Astronomy - The Experience


Outback Astronomy is a privately owned and operated visitor attraction in Broken Hill, NSW.

Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the outback sky at night.

Enjoy a panoramic sky view of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Events are hosted on clear dark nights under the vast outback sky. You must book online in advance of attending.

Your sky guide will explain the sky view in real time commentary (not recorded) as the sky changes throughout the year. You will hear the sky guide through an audio system.

Select a seating preference to reflect the type of experience you desire. A Standard Ticket includes bench seating, however, when booking, you may upgrade to an upright chair or a reclined chair.

A PLUS Ticket includes a reclined chair in the price.

In winter, if you cannot bring a blanket, you may opt to hire a sleeping bag and reclined chair.

There is no light pollution and no cities around for hundreds of kilometres.

No prior astronomy knowledge required.


These are the most popular sky shows delivered by Outback Astronomy. Both are hosted on dark, clear evenings and involve telescope, binocular and naked eye viewing.

The Milky Way Hangout is hosted in cool months when the viewing of our home galaxy will take your breath away.

Hang out with the Stars® is hosted in warmer months when nearby, naked-eye visible galaxies are accessible. That’s right – our sky is so dark we see the distant light of Andromeda Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds without optical aids.

Scroll through our calendar of events to find a sky show and a date that suits you.


The Sky Tonight is hosted after New Moon but before Full Moon, in between dark skies, so expect the Moon to be part of your entertainment. Get to know your Moon as well as stars, planets and space missions.

A commercial kitchen and bar is conveniently located next to our star gazing site. We schedule dinners and barbecues before sky shows, eg Dinner with the Stars. Enjoy food and beverages under the stars. Book delightful treats from our range of offerings.

Please do not bring your own foods or beverages to our licensed venue. It is so quiet all of us will hear you crunching on crisps. We also manage an unpredictable outdoors environment, for example gusts of wind can cause upset to the unprepared. We have created service under the stars that suits our venue and these conditions.



At your sky show you will use a personal audio unit to hear live commentary by your knowledgeable sky guide.

Please bring your own ear phones (eg standard 3.5mm connector as used in mp3 players or tablets). If you don’t have any you can purchase from us when you make your booking. 

If you forget to bring them, don’t worry. We have them at our venue and you can purchase here.

Advance bookings and payments are essential.