Hang out with the Stars®

Learn about the space surrounding planet Earth as you gaze up into the big outback night sky. Tonight’s gazing explains the stunning dark sky views. See the dimmest stars possible with your eyes. Discover nearby galaxies.

All guests are supplied with an audio unit to hear the sky guide’s live narration. Buy ear phones from us or bring your own to plug into the audio system. All guests will have access to optical equipment. The equipment used on any evening is subject to conditions, time of year and discretion of staff.

The Standard ticket, $75 per person, includes bench seating. You can upgrade seating as well as add food and drink options during the booking process if you wish.

The PLUS ticket, $140 per person, includes a reclined chair, side table and food and one beverage.  (No need to add these items again during the booking process, unless you want something extra.)

In winter, bring a blanket for each person. In summer, cover skin and plan to bring coats. In between, plan to be cold and rug up. See FAQs for more information about what to wear.

$75 Standard Show $140 PLUS Option

Please select a Sky Show and date from the calendar:

Standard ticket includes bench seating.

PLUS ticket includes a reclined chair, side table and food and one beverage.

When you click BOOK, options to select from a larger range of food and beverages are enabled.

Please provide an Australian mobile phone number, not landline number, with your booking so that we can contact you if there are any changes and to confirm event details.



As you hang out with the stars tonight, ponder if there may be life elsewhere in the cosmos. Or, are we alone? Are we special? Possibilities are easier to contemplate when the sky and its treasures are explained.

No astronomy or science knowledge is required.

There is no light pollution as the nearest city is 330km away.

Your Outback Astronomy sky guide will explain the view overhead and you will hear via a personal audio unit. All commentary is live.

Additional information


This advice applies to all persons.
• In winter (June, July, August) you must plan to wear six or seven layers, including thermals.
• In summer (December, January, February) you must plan to wear three layers, even though you may not need to!
• In the shoulder seasons of autumn (March, April, May) and spring (September, October, November) you must plan to wear four to six layers on any evening.
Plan to bring a blanket, beanie, gloves and scarf.
You may also hire sleeping bags from us when booking online.


• On the day of your sky show we text arrival time. Make sure your mobile phone details are correct.
• Note that Broken Hill is in the same time zone as Adelaide, Australian Central Time or Australian Central Daylight Time (summer).


• Pet dogs, quiet and well socialised, must be leashed at all times at our venue. Text us in advance if you will bring a pet so we can ensure you have a pet-friendly gazing area (0427 055 225).
• Pets must not be placed on chairs or tables.


• This sky show is not suitable for children aged 0 to 5 years.
• Any person who occupies a reclined or upright chair is required to buy a ticket. One person per chair.
• We are unable to offer discounted pricing for this event.
• Young or very small children are not issued with audio or optical equipment.