Powerful Night Binoculars 15X70


Powerful Binoculars 15×70
These are ideal for both beginners and keen observers, BEFORE you move on to a telescope.

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15x magnification, light-gathering 70mm.

Long eye relief.

Great for naked eye viewing – but while they are big and powerful and you’ll enjoy these much better if you mount on the tripod we have identified.

You’ll also need a tripod adaptor to securely attach binoculars to the tripod.

They weigh about 1.4kg.

So use sparingly without a tripod to stop arm fatigue & shaking, or mount on a tripod and spend hours studying your favourite objects, eg the Moon, open star clusters and nebulae, plus those far away, dim galaxies and gorgeous globular clusters.

Have 3 years limited warranty from manufacturer, Saxon.