Field guide helps you learn to stargaze

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Outback Astronomy

An office worker au fait with customer service in optometry told us he was unable to learn astronomy.

We disagree. When foundational astronomy knowledge is unlocked, information you soak up afterwards easily falls into place. Anyone can learn how to become an amateur astronomer.

We wrote a book about it. Now you have access to the foundations of stargazing and can access it during road trips in the outback.

This is precisely why we authored this self help book, Outback Astronomy’s Stargazing Field Guide.

It will be officially released in 2024. When you book a sky show online, you will have an option to purchase a copy of this field guide. Alternatively, after your event you can also buy the guide.

We wrote it to kickstart your understanding of sky mechanics, or the interactions of celestial bodies in space time, or put plainly from a stargazer’s perspective, the motions and relative night sky we observe from our spot on Earth.

This guide is southern hemisphere biased and starts with the very basics! You will need to refresh the basics to move on to greater understanding.

Once you master sky mechanics, stargazing is elevated to a new realm of understanding.

This guide is for the family, A4 in size so will fit in most vehicles, and is spiral bound.

Importantly, from the Broken Hill economy perspective, it was produced within our town.