Stargazing loyalty programme for Broken Hill locals

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Locals can make free return visits to attend a sky show when they are accompanied by visitors from out of town during 2024.

The free return visit is at the heart of our new loyalty programme for Broken Hill residents.

The 2024 Season Pass, as the loyalty programme is named, was introduced as part of Outback Astronomy’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

That’s right! Outback Astronomy began 10 years ago, introducing engaging naked eye and binocular stargazing that “popped up” out of a shipping container.

10 Years of Stargazing with Outback Astronomy

A lot has happened since then, with investments in powerful telescopes, our own business property and bespoke improvements with a dedicated stargazing site to make our sky shows as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for all visitors to the region.

After much hard work our privately funded tourism attraction is able to celebrate a genuine milestone of 10 years in business.

The loyalty programme allows us to say “thank you” to locals who support us.

Whenever a local resident attends a sky show during 2024, you become eligible for a 2024 Season Pass. It allows you to return to another sky show with visitors without paying the price of the Outback Astronomy standard ticket (note any additional items like food and drinks must be paid for on your future visits).

Outback Astronomy will refund the cost of the standard ticket for any returning locals with the Season Pass when they are accompanied by visitors, in line with the programme’s terms.

How to get your 2024 Season Pass

To obtain your 2024 Season Pass, simply book online as usual. When you attend the sky show we will give you a season pass if you identify as local, or even a temporary local like a student or short-term worker if you are expecting to host visitors. Make sure to let the Outback Astronomy team know you are a local and that you’ll be wanting a 2024 Season Pass.

When your visitors arrive you can claim the benefit of the cost of one standard ticket with your Season Pass. Simply book your next sky show online, along with your visitors. Your visitors must be residents from another location, not Broken Hill, and will need to show us evidence of a non-local postcode in their address using identification such as their driver’s licence or passport. Present your 2024 Season Pass when you arrive with your visitors and Outback Astronomy will refund the cost of your standard ticket after the event. You can use the season pass as often as you like during 2024, provided you are accompanied by at least one visitor from out of town on each repeat visit. See full details and terms of the 2024 Season Pass in the FAQs, Scroll to the end of the FAQs to find the information.